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DR. ICHAK ADIZES is nostalgic for a time when he could be in tune with the natural world, at peace with himself, and unrushed by modern life.

Over thirty years ago, I took a vacation in a place called Capitan Lafitte, which was somewhere between Playa del Carmen and Cancun in Mexico. We slept under palapas on the sand. There was no electricity, no phones, and no television. We woke up with the sunrise, snorkeled, walked on the beach collecting seashells, and talked a lot. After sundown, we sat around a fire, talked some more, did some singing, and went to sleep. We were fed the fish that was caught that day and vegetables bought from the farmers market that day. It was a vacation I will never forget. 

I went looking for it some years back. No more. There is a building like a Motel 6 there instead... Also, thirty years ago I went on a walking safari with my sons. We walked and canoed down the Zambezi River. It lasted two weeks, during which we saw no people except the small group we were with and our guide. We slept out in sleeping bags around a fire. I will never forget the sky at night. The stars, an endless number of stars twinkling from above. I have never seen so many stars before or since. The only sounds we heard were the sounds of nature. Time did not move. It felt as if it was already afternoon when in reality it was only 9 a.m. What happened to these places? I am desperately trying to find one. I thought I found one in a remote hotel in Mexico, but no luck. Piped music, endless piped music everywhere at least sixteen hours a day trying to relax me... Does anyone know of a place like I am describing above? A place where human hands have not reached yet to enrich my experience. No wi-fi. No phones. No television and yes no electricity. If it does not exist would someone provide it please?

Just thinking and feeling,


Dr. Ichak Adizes

Dr. Ichak Adizes

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