Settling to leave


The shelves on the wall, holding my favorite music CDs, attest that I am settled all!

The familiar tune of music dancing in the air, meandering down memory  lane, robs me of the reality of the present moment

Takes me to remote years in the past

A travel in time, to a time when I thought I was settled then, where I was.

How many times after that have I thought the same? Yet I kept going, moving in time

Voyaging into various stages of my being … changing!

How many more times will I feel settled and still keep moving …
molding myself, my home, my world?

How illusory this notion of settledness seems in a world that
changes from moment to moment.

How momentary could our stay be in each stage of our stay?

And in the end there is no stay.

All there is is only leaving.

Loving … yet leaving.

Letting go of what is and longing for what is yet to be …

A thread however seems to connect all this scatteredness, uniting all the pieces into one being.

This illusive being that we are. In our everlasting unsettledness.

Not the wisp of whims and wishes that wish to cling, but the very essence of that unknown longing that keep us going.

For here below no home gives a permanent sense of belonging,
hence our everlasting longing!


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