- 2 Mins Read


Choose a night when the moon is dark, so it is easier to see the stars. How will you find out when it is the new moon?

Take a piece of paper and a pencil outside with you and find a comfortable place to be. Invite some friends to join you.

Find a star pattern that you like. These are called constellations. Do you have a favourite star or group of stars? Get to know the names of the common constellations you can see from your place.

Observe the way the stars twinkle. Which ones are brighter? Which ones are blue, or white, or red? Which ones do you like the best? Why?

Nature speaks – when you look at the stars they speak to you. Take some time to figure out what they are saying.

Draw your favourite star pattern in pencil on your piece of paper.

When you go back inside, work on the drawing until you are happy that it is good. Where each star is in the pattern, make a small hole in the paper. You can use a sharp pencil to do this.

Use black paper, or paint your paper black so it is like the night sky.

When you have punched holes in the paper for all the stars, take a candle or torchlight and put the paper in front of it. Turn the lights out and see your constellation shining in the dark room. You can make posters, cards and sculptures like this.



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