Starseed awakening

Starseed awakening

In conversation with MAGENTA PIXIE

MAGENTA PIXIE is an author, YouTube personality, and channeler. As a seven year old, Magenta had memories of being able to move things by using her mind, and she sensed entities. At the time she thought they were fairies. It was her brother, who practiced meditation, who encouraged Magenta to develop her natural psychic gifts. In her 20s, she began to connect with a higher dimensional entity she called ‘White Spirit’, which eventually morphed into a collective consciousness she called the ‘White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine’. Magenta shortens this to ‘The Nine’ in conversation.

Q: Magenta, in your books and videos, you describe this time now on Earth as a very special period. To quote one of your recent YouTube videos, “The period will be known throughout your future timelines and within other planetary systems and dimensions as ‘the time of the great gathering’, ‘the return of the bird tribes’, ‘the transition of Gaia’, and ‘the resurrection and ascension of the rainbow children’.” Can you explain what is so special about now on Earth?

MP: As a race, we have been in one particular state of existence since the beginning of our known history, if you like from the period around the dinosaurs to now. We have been in a specific state known by many as the third dimension.

We are in a transitional period right now. If you can imagine a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, we are currently in the cocoon, in the transformatory phase. We are moving from one state to another. The Nine have always used the metaphor that we are in the third dimension, going through the fourth dimension, into the fifth. That is the model they use, however other spiritual teachers and researchers talk about third density to fourth density – that is true as well. It’s confused a lot of people, but actually we are all saying the same thing. There are just different models to explain the shift.

Q: In your messages, you refer to a group of people you call ‘starseeds’. Who and what is a starseed?

MP: My definition of a starseed is someone who is aware that they are more than what presents in human form. It’s not so much about being from the stars, having memories of an incarnation in the Pleiades or Lyra, as it is about having expanded consciousness beyond the planet. A starseed embraces the planet, the cosmos, the stars, the galaxy, and fully accepts the galactic community, whatever that may mean.

Starseeds accept a greater reality than we’ve seen in this particularly system on this planet, which is restricted. They have never been limited by that restriction. They are born like this and in their own way are helping other people to expand their worldview.

There are so many ways to explain starseeds. You can use the words ‘starseed’, ‘light worker’ and ‘healer’; all would be appropriate. But ‘starseed’ seems to be the most fitting, because they realize they are from the stars, and they are connected to the stars and beyond.

When you open your heart,
you feel unconditional love.

Q: And for the average person who is not so familiar with these terms, what is the message for them? What do we need to do as common people on this planet during this ascension period?

MP: We need to absorb this information outside of a linear analysis. For example, if we are looking at different labels for starseeds – indigo, crystal, rainbow, awakened one – a linear-thinker will ask, “Which one am I? There are eight or nine different labels and I must fit into one camp.” I am not suggesting we go away from linear thinking, because we need it. Compartmentalized thinking is how we survived within this reality, as our brain is an interface to translate higher dimensional frequencies into a third dimensional way of thinking. But the way forward is about perspective. The Nine say that perspective is the teaching.

You can instead say, “I am a crystal child, a rainbow individual, a starseed and a light worker.” If you resonate with all of them, you are eight or nine things all in one. It’s like a rainbow. When you see a rainbow you see the entire thing and you call it a rainbow. You don’t call it, “Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.” That’s why the rainbow children can think in more than one stream. The teaching is to think in more than one stream.

The Nine teach us to embrace opposing viewpoints. There have been so many differences of opinion throughout religion, from the beginning of time and certainly now in the new age community. One of the big arguments is about the higher dimensional energy or guides or God: is it a being outside of us or is it actually inside us? Both are correct. We need to embrace these different viewpoints.

You will not be able to work out why we are here, who we are, and what’s going by thinking in a linear way. You will only get a story or a model, and if you stay within a linear framework you will stick to that particularly model or story, to the exclusion of all others. You will say, this is truth and everything else is not. That is never going to get you answers, and that is never going to give truth.

Try to resonate with any or all of the goodness in all of the perspectives. The higher dimensional guidance system is not going to give us all the answers on a plate. We have to do our own discovery. We have to take the quest. It’s a partnership. So, if we start asking questions, researching, going into meditation and doing whatever it takes to discover the answers to the questions we have. then that higher dimensional energy steps in and meets us half way and we work together as a partnership.

Q: Are you familiar with the term ‘egregore’? You mention these starseeds and light workers are coming together and working together, even though they might not consciously know that it is happening. There is a group energy that is manifesting on the Earth and this group consciousness can be thought of as an egregore.

MP: This egregore is the source energy manifesting in a large group here on this planet. It’s the collective awareness that is growing and growing and growing. It is actually a manifestation of the planet, of the Earth, of Gaia, and because it’s growing that’s creating the dimensional density. It’s growing because the density and dimension is already there waiting for us to move into it. This is the time. This is ascension. It’s a normal organic process. That egregore is an entity and is expanding all the time, just as we are.

Q: I have one last question. Can we talk about the role of the heart? You mentioned that ascension is “the quest of the heart”. What is the heart’s role in this awakening and this ascension process?

MP: On a spiritual level and metaphoric level, the heart, the heart chakra, the emerald ray, the pink ray, the opening of unconditional love, is fifth dimensional or fourth density. Either way you want to describe it, it is the dimension of love. You cannot access this dimension if you do not have an open heart.

That’s on a spiritual level, but you can take this also to a biological level. It’s my understanding that when you open your heart, you feel unconditional love, and a very connected emotion to that is bliss. And a very connected emotion to that is compassion. So bliss, compassion and unconditional love together create a wave formation or pulse formation within the energy of the body and within our DNA. It actually changes the structure of the DNA, so the DNA is no longer sort of cycling round and round and round. It can now actually go somewhere; it gives the DNA momentum and creative ability. This changes the formation of the DNA.

So bliss, compassion and unconditional love together
create a wave formation or pulse formation within
the energy of the body and within our DNA.

So the quest of the heart is unconditional love, bliss and compassion. That is the key. Many teachers talk about this, but a person who is just waking up may not understand any of it. They may feel as if they are going to be left behind because they don’t understand. The Nine say you don’t need to understand; all you need to do is open the heart and live with compassion, unconditional love and bliss.

We are ultimately connected to the geology of this planet. Our DNA is connected to gravity, the sun, the stars, the movement of the tides and the weather. We are connected to our environment, to this planet, to nature. This is the big secret that we have not been told. Why has it been hidden from us? Because the minute we discover it, we realize how powerful we are as co-creators. The word you mentioned earlier, egregore, is a huge divine being that can actually manifest new planets and new worlds and new dimensions.

That is how crop circles are created, that is how the pyramids were built, and that is who the extraterrestrials are. That is who the group souls are, the logos, and we are the anchors for them. We are not just connected to the planet, but also to the cosmos, space, the galaxy, and we create the coordinates to the star gates through the galaxy. We create the coordinates for the star gates on the planet. We are so entwined with our reality, and that’s the teaching here.

We are not just connected to the planet,
but also to the cosmos, space, the galaxy,
and we create the coordinates to the star gates through the galaxy.

This doesn’t mean you must sit there in a state of bliss and unconditional love 24/7. If you can do it, that’s amazing, but it is not necessary because the collective starseed energy is always present. Imagine each individual as a light: if one goes out because the person is depressed, another one will come up because they are connected and they are meditating. It’s always there! We are always adding to it, so even if you feel dreadful and take a week off, it will still be there collectively.

Most starseeds don’t take much time off, however, as they move through the lower emotions very quickly. They deal with challenges on this planet very well. Many starseeds have the ability to feel a lower emotion and higher ones simultaneously. For example, if they are worried about some bill that needs to be paid, and they don’t have the money, at the same time they move to gratitude, the 4D experience. They are able to feel a higher mergence simultaneously, constantly feeding that grid, changing their reality, and moving them from one dimension to another.

Interviewed by CHRIS MILLS


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  1. Fascinating Article. Thank you MP for your deep insights!

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