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Pete, the blower of bubbles - part 2

Change eventually comes As Pete continued to make his bubbles lighter, his happiness knew no bounds. He began to explore new possibilities and his bubbles started to take all kinds of shapes – rectangular, octagonal, even square! His ventures did not go well with his neighbors, who did not live in round bubbles; they lived in square boxes. Unable to understand Pete and his bubbles, they began to feel he was becoming a threat, making bubble boxes that were not legal. The square box people discussed the matter among them and the......

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Dreamcatchers have always been used as charms by Native Americans. They are hung above the bed, to protect sleeping children from nightmares and instead give them good dreams. The design is based on a...

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Jomo the brave – part 2

“Please Zaïr, can you tell us the end of the story of Jomo the Brave?” “Come on children, let’s go into that container. Well! It’s warmer, in here, isn’t it? Oh I see, some...

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Heart marks the spot

This is a very simple origami activity that will allow you to create a great heart bookmark for your favorite book in less than 5 minutes. What you need: Craft paper, any color, with...

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A child at the core

SHRUTI PANDEY discovers the joys and responsibilities of new parenthood, and sees the opportunities for her own growth. Three years back, I could have never imagined that my life would change so much. In...

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Jar of Gratitude

Do you know what defines a young person? It is not their age but their ability to wonder. See miracles in the small things in life! It shows in your eyes. Here is something...

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Children and Death

DR HESTER O CONNOR shares some tips on how to support children after a death in the family. When someone in the family dies, it can be daunting for parents to manage their own...

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