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CLARA SMITH shares with students who are in their final year at school how to achieve their goals. Have you ever marvelled at the factors of human success and failure? Why is it that some who are born into poverty resign themselves to the situations of their birth, while others use this experience to redefine their future? Why do some students elect to evade their schoolwork, yet others prioritise their academic progress? Does it simply come down to luck, acquired talent or human connections? Imagine being born into poverty and having no......

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Is your mind flexible?

Many of us today are interested in keeping our bodies flexible and fit, but how many of us are interested in developing neuroplasticity? ELIZABETH DENLEY shares some tips on mental flexibility. What does it...

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The Art of Not Judging

HARPREET KALRA explores what is beyond judgement. In mathematical calculus, the act of integration is done by reversing the act of differentiation. If we apply the same principle to ‘one world, one humanity’, then...

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