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In this wonderful collection, Daaji explores Yogic Psychology in the light of modern-day science and psychology, and shares some simple yogic practices and approaches that support mental health and joyful living. Daaji is a changemaker for the unification of all spiritual paths and seeking hearts.

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The art of being


BIANCA GLAVA shares with us her experience of a Himalayan Retreat, where she was led to discover her real, simple nature – her authentic self.

Life is so amazing and so simple. Yet the most difficult thing is to grasp this very simplicity and purity. We spend so much time complicating our lives, following rules and living in cages created by our own minds, until one day we cannot breathe anymore. We are suffocated by struggle and pain, forsaking our beliefs and obeying others – so much doing and so little being. And when we are unable to live in this illusion anymore, we have a choice: to commit to our truth or watch our soul die.

I think it is all about loving ourselves, and this does not mean that we are being selfish or that we are taking away from anyone else’s happiness. On the contrary I think that if we prioritize happiness, it will overflow within us and this light will lead those who live in darkness out of it. We can show others how to be happy through the clarity of our own example, and joy is the only motivating force in this universe that can save us.

A happy life is nothing more than
a succession of happy moments,
but most of us cannot see the happy moments
because we are too busy trying to have a happy life.

I have always wondered: What is my purpose in this world? In the moments spent alone in my Himalayan retreat, I realized that the meaning of life is contained in every single experience and all I have to do is train myself to see beyond. There is no better way to make a difference than letting my own life be a message to the world. There is nothing more that I can do for people than being a living inspiration.

And so I decided to make how I feel the number one priority in my life and happiness my number one goal. If only we could understand a little about how the universe really works. Our life would be so easy, if only we had the courage to trust our soul and let it lead the way. Our purpose may fall into our laps when we are willing to take the risk of living at the mercy of our own joy, letting the Divine take care of the rest. A happy life is nothing more than a succession of happy moments, but most of us cannot see the happy moments because we are too busy trying to have a happy life.

We need the strength to transcend rules, be authentic, let our beliefs be our only religion, and be ready to change course whenever we feel the need. We are unhappy because we are not honoring our truth. In our desire to be ‘good people’ and to belong, we forsake our values; we let illusion conquer our life. To live the life we were meant to live, we have to let joy be the main reason for any decision we make. This is the real freedom of the soul.

By following others we will never come to know excellence. We may at the least lead a mediocre life and live safely till the end, but is life only meant to be lived carefully? I used to live in fear, not letting myself be vulnerable because I thought I had to be strong. I could not afford to lose myself. But now I can clearly see that this is the only way for expansion. We can only find what was once lost, so why not lose ourselves? The more we grow the greater the risk, but are we brave enough to let our world fall apart so that we can build it back anew?

The real opposite of fear is love.
In fear we shrink, we become closed, we doubt.
In love we expand, we open our heart, we trust.

I think it’s time to drop all the patterns and start a new way of life, one of rejoicing, love and authenticity. Once we become aware of the full picture and of what we are in reality, it becomes too painful to keep it hidden. There is no other way to live than to be authentic. It’s time to realize that the strength taken to stay tightly closed in a bud is more painful than the risk taken to bloom open.

The subtleness and depth of Yoga and meditation are beyond any human expression. More and more I feel that I am not this body, that this human experience is really the journey of my soul, that everything is a perfect and unique design, a Divine unfolding in every single breath. It is all about experience, nothing more. It does not matter how much knowledge we gain. What matters is only our experience and the ability to feel our soul so deeply so as to gain all that we ever need to know.

There is a huge difference between knowing, understanding and really feeling our truth. It is the shortest and guaranteed way. All that we have to do is to go back to our simplest, purest and divine nature. And all it takes for that is time, faith, courage and the willingness to lay down our judgment and step outside the box of our existing knowledge.

The transformational process is not a movement to some other place or time, but it is just a change in the quality of awareness. I didn’t search for something specific, and it unfolded exactly as it was meant to be. This is the wonder of just being: that we don’t have to do anything, and anything that is revealed is the perfect thing that we need at that very moment.

In simple words, this was a big step forward in the journey towards experiencing my soul and its mysteries. A journey beyond the senses, beyond human nature, that carries me towards the void, towards nothingness and knowledge-less-ness, towards my true essence and the real purpose of life, which is to follow my joy and celebrate each drop of existence.



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