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LIU JIANMIN is a Heartfulness practitioner and calligrapher. He has taken a quote of FEI XIAO TONG (1910-2005), one of the founders of Chinese sociology and anthropology: “Be inspired by others and cherish your value. Share the fruits then always endeavor for harmony.” Liu has written the quote in three running calligraphy images.


I have practiced Heartfulness Meditation for ten years. My experience with the practice went from curiosity and ignorance to gradual acceptance, and then to becoming a part of my life.       

In the process, I found that perseverance is very important. I can clearly perceive my concentration, simplicity, peace, and awareness. It is similar with the calligraphy practice, which takes serious daily practice to master the essence until the mind can freely be expressed with a pen.

Running script

Calligraphy is an ability to express the beauty of nature and the beauty of human spirituality. It stresses the overall harmony between words and lines. Practicing calligraphy can help to achieve relaxation and to repel outside disturbances.

Chinese script generally comes in five styles: 

Seal script, 篆书
Official script, 隶书
Regular script, 楷书
Running script, 行书
Cursive script, 草书
This work is running script. Its strokes are smooth, the lines are varied, and the form is concise.


Liu Janmin

Liu Janmin

Liu perceives the concentration, simplicity, peace and sharpness that results from both calligraphy and meditation, which take daily practice to master the essence until the mind can freely express through the pen. He has learned that pe... Read More