The color of children

The color of children

One day God was enjoying the beautiful world He had set in motion.
He loved the sky, sometimes pure blue with white clouds.
Sometimes filled with gray clouds that turned to rain falling from the sky.
“What a good idea!” He thought when he saw the yellow sun lighting and warming the earth.
“And another good idea!” when he saw the silver moon shedding its gentle light in the night sky.
He loved the plants with their many colors – green, yellow and red leaves; tree trunks shiny gray or deep mottled brown.
Flowers of red, orange, yellow, blue and purple.

“I love all this,” He thought. “And yet something is missing.”
“I know, the world needs children! But what color should these children be?
“Blue like the sky?
“Green like the leaves?
“Orange, purple and yellow like the flowers?”

None of those ideas seemed quite right. “I know!” He said. “Let them be the colors of all my favorite candies!”
“Some of them can be the color of dark chocolate, some of them the color of milk chocolate, some of them the color of caramel, and some of them the color of vanilla taffy.” And so the children were. When God saw the children of all these colors, He was very happy.
“They are all beautiful. They are all my children, and I love them, every one.”

Illustration by ANAYA PATEL

Terran Daily

About Terran Daily

Terran is an occupational therapist who has worked with children, parents and teachers for over 30 years, in Scotland, northern California, and now in India. Her biggest joy has been establishing strong relationships with children who think and act differently from previous norms – the new children. Aside from her work as an OT, Terran is a certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication and a peace educator. She was a founding member of the Scottish Parliament Cross Party Group on Peace Education. Terran is happiest with children and in nature. She is blessed to work with both at the Heartfulness Headquarters, Kanha Shanti Vanam.

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