The meaning of connection


ROSALIND PEARMAIN feels the aftermath of Brexit.

Something entirely new and powerful has shown up with the results of the Brexit referendum in the UK. For most of those disappointed with the result – nearly all younger people as well as a good chunk of others, 48% of the vote – there was not only shock but a deep pain and sorrow. It was as if a close relation had died. We felt such a feeling of loss. People wept. They felt disoriented and shocked; the world of space and time, of lived relationships was palpably altered. Who would have predicted such a reaction beforehand?

Without realising, without being conscious, we had truly felt a heart connection with others in Europe. We felt as though we were part of a larger family and suddenly this larger family was torn away from us. It was hard to bear. It has been so illuminating and moving to come across this underlying reality that we did not know we had. Of course, for many young people this reaction was also a fear that the opportunities for travel, work and future life prospects were also shattered and now intensely limited. Even so, the feeling of openness and joy towards the world towards freedom and expansion is the basic condition of soul.

No matter what our differences are
on the surface, it seems that essentially
we are so glad to feel connection.

While we also are overly confronted with far harsher and devastating realities of disconnection and disassociation, it is a small comfort to be brought back to this unsought source of sorrow. It reminds us of how profound the role of connection is in life.

Once I asked some students what was the most important value in life and the answer was connection with others. It is the same in measures of happiness and it far exceeds material wealth.

No matter what our differences are on the surface, it seems that essentially we are so glad to feel connection. It is simply enough. Yet of course we feel so lonely when we do not. A few years back, there was a focus on creating the future in our centers in France that also carried into an invitation to others in Europe. We were invited to contemplate and imagine the future. A special group meditation was given. It seemed to show me a vision of the future when we were all truly connected as one and this was the most beautiful and vibrant and soft experience of being, flowing, dynamic and glorious. The field of heart is the most extraordinary space in which we live and it seems to take such a shock as we have had to glimpse its reality in action.


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