Thursday morning


It was 8:29 a.m. on Thursday, 3 August 2017, and I was waiting for the last office bus to arrive. Every morning I see a person sweeping the road, and when I see him I know that I am on time – my bus hasn’t arrived yet. He sweeps the road like clockwork every day.

Today, when I reached the stop, he was not sweeping but affectionately caressing two street dogs. Next, he peeped into his shirt pocket and found 20 rupees, and then started looking for some more money in his pants. He found nothing more; just those 20 bucks. He walked towards a shop, looking back at the two wagging tails with a smile, and bought a packet of biscuits.

The entire scene appeared so heart melting. I could see three joyous souls, and then my bus arrived. I hopped in and took a seat from where the beautiful ending of this morning story unfolded in front of me. He fed the dogs with so much love that it filled my heart with prayers and hope that humanity still exists.

What a splendid start to the day: an act of generosity. A simple man not thinking of himself, knowing that he had only 20 rupees. This was an eye opener. Humans are considered to be the wisest beings, taking care of other beings around them, but how often do we feel or get to see this?

Most of us are blessed to have more than 20 rupees, more than what is needed for the day or week. It left me asking myself two questions:

  • Have I genuinely tried to extend help to those who need, without being asked?
  • Am I sensitive enough to sense this and respond to the call of nature to be a conduit to serve others?

Who was really happy here – the dogs, the sweeper or the observer? Think about it! I was so touched that I couldn’t resist writing about it and every time I think of that scene it brings the moment back to me, filling my heart with love and joy.

My role model once said, #DareToThink and #TimeToTakeAction! Youth is the time of promise and effort, the time for change and the time when experienced ones share their wisdom. It is the time when we can chalk out the steps we will take to make it happen, make life happen.

I have taken my first step, have you?



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  1. Avatar Kshitija Patil : June 13, 2018 at 11:42 am

    It’s touching and at the same time thought-provoking!
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Your happiness increases when you make someone happy. So if want to be happy make your surroundings happy.

  3. Thank you for sharing it. Spread His love and you will be loved, and you will feel happy in turn. Dogs were happy, the man was happy, why? Because love was being spread. It’s nature. What you give… you get it more.

  4. Avatar Gurjot kaur : March 5, 2021 at 9:54 am

    Very touching and thought provoking. We can be happy only if everyone existing around us becomes happy.

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