JAMIE BUTLER, healer and medium, founded The Lighter Side Network over a year ago. Here she speaks with EMMA IVATURI about consciousness, belief, feeling stuck, growing pains, intuition and synchronicity.

Q: Can you elaborate on how the brain works as a receptor and filter for the countless vibrations around us every moment?

JB: Our brain is not just an organ that runs neurons and sends messages throughout our body. It is also a great transmitter and receiver, much like a radio. In fact, many of our thoughts are not originally ours, but come because of our ability to receive the energy vibrations from all around us. Working this way, our brain can easily be overwhelmed and bombarded with information. Our ability to focus on what we want to attract is how we filter out all the unwanted vibrations on a daily basis. But it is also the way we are able to attract all the things we don’t desire, because we spend time worrying, living in fear and feeling victimized. What you are focused on is what your energy field resonates with. Like attracts like.

Let’s say you are pretending to ‘play small’, whether you are pretending to be a mouse or you are pulling in your great charisma to allow someone else to shine. When you do this, you are saying you are willing to receive all the energy around you – from people, from the room, from conversations, from the history of the room, from plants and animals that match this version of ‘playing small’, even though it is not your true nature. The energy you are receiving is going to be the energy you are putting out. We can see now the vicious cycle this can create.

We can take this in another direction too. Let’s say you are pretending to be confident, to earn a position at work or to impress a love interest. You adopt a confident posture and spoken language and your energy patterns follow suit. Now, your energy field is vibrating with confidence. All the worry energy in the room is unlikely to vibrate with you any more hence you won’t receive it nor process it.

I like this example better. Even reading it allows my energy to fluff up and feel better, however, I have free will and can immediately change this feeling by thinking of all the difficult situations in  life and at work. As soon as I begin to focus on all the things going ‘wrong’, I vibrate with things going wrong. I air-quote the word ‘wrong’ because I don’t necessarily believe there is a right or a wrong, but this is the way we use our language to express the situations we don’t want.

To help filter and attract the vibrations needed to grow, we must be conscious of our energy. This means being aware of our intent, emotions, thoughts and imagination. What are they expressing? What are they attracting? This simple act gives us insight into the subtle light world around, which is constantly offering information to better our lives.

Through my decades of working with subtle light energy,
techniques are nothing unless  we believe in them.
It is time to
 detangle ourselves from
being triggered
to stay within
the same
 patterns that hold us hostage.

Q: Our conscious experience is but a small bandwidth of what we pick up on. How can we expand our awareness to integrate information we perceive less clearly that would otherwise create a  cognitive dissonance?

JB: Expanding our bandwidth of consciousness begins with understanding who we believe we are. In this current lifetime, our body is our instrument and our belief systems are the dial to broaden or narrow how we use this instrument. If we want to receive more clarity it is time to get into the gray areas, to step away from right or wrong, black and white, and the learned belief systems that are not working for us.

Through my decades of working with subtle light energy, techniques are nothing unless we believe in them. It is time to detangle ourselves from being triggered to stay within the same patterns that hold us hostage.

Next time you feel stuck try this:

Center your energy into a neutral space. You can do this through a few minutes of steady breathing.

Imagine you are without any attachment. Seriously, use that incredible imagination of yours! Imagination and intuition are roommates and share the same space. When you engage your imagination you are creating more room for intuition to use. Once you can imagine that there is any possible outcome, you are allowing new truths to enter into your consciousness.

Mantras can help you create a single focus and allow different energies to come into your energy field to create the changes you are seeking.

The mantra I use is: deep breath, re-access, change your perspective.

Another mantra is: if you want to remain constant, always change.

From this space begin to assess the images and messages coming to you. Please keep disciplining the monkey mind to stay in the ‘gray’ and un-triggered by the images and messages. Grab a pencil and paper and start to document what is coming through.

Once you are done writing, walk away. If you can go into nature, allow the outdoors to calm and soothe your energy while continuing to hold the flow of ideas expanding your understanding, connection and energy. When you are activating your body with movement, you are helping these energies to merge with your new discoveries and belief systems.

When you feel full or done, go back to writing and jot down your discoveries. Be sure to write keywords that will reconnect you with the ‘ahha’ moments. Re-read your notes frequently. This will help you incorporate your discoveries instead of them being fleeting moments.

When life presents you with chaos,
congested energy, a feeling of being stuck,
hitting walls or whatever you feel awful about,
reach in and pull out acceptance, kindness and surrender
see where the nudge takes you.
I bet you will find there is  ease to this enlightenment.
I trust you will begin  to notice how the world
around you
is supporting you.

Q: Sometimes we misread the growing pains as we outgrow our current circumstances and are pushed into the next level of evolution. Perhaps the next step may not be clear and a leap of faith is needed to let go and surrender to where we’re going. How do you bridge the gap between these life phases?

JB: Bridging the gap between life phases requires the art of acceptance, kindness and surrender. Each shift in our evolution is asking for us to change our beliefs. This can be a tremendous burden to the ego and the heart. I have noticed in the last 27 years of being a medium, there are certain ideals to which we hold strong culturally: these include gaining knowledge, loyalty and politeness. These ideals often lead us into shame and dissonance. When we are trained to value these ideals we create suffering and pain when it is time to grow.

Let’s look at acceptance, kindness and surrender, and how these three actions can shift our cultural ideals and ease our way while we are becoming enlightened.

When we are taught acceptance from a young age, we transcend loyalty to provide self-care, we transcend the need to gain knowledge with the comfort of the unknown, and we transcend politeness to find authenticity over.

When we show kindness to ourselves, we find that loyalty is actually an expression of love not discipline, the act of gaining knowledge is an expression of curiosity, and the use of politeness is the desire to create peace.

When we surrender, our truth is found. Surrendering allows us to accept not only possible outcomes but also the very real impossible outcomes. It allows us to walk away from loyalty when it was  created out of guilt, regret or fear, and break commitments that no longer serve us. Surrendering allows us to stop comparing and contrasting our every move, to understand who we are and look at the very deep inner light for guidance. It also allows us to see that true politeness can be based in honesty and not the lens of praise.

When life presents you with chaos, congested energy, a feeling of being stuck, hitting walls or whatever you feel awful about, reach in and pull out acceptance, kindness and surrender and see where the nudge takes you. I bet you will find there is ease to this enlightenment. I trust you will begin to notice how the world around you is  supporting you.

Q: Can you speak about the energies we take on from other people and act out with them in relation to our own character work?

JB: When we are in communication with someone else it is natural for us to connect to them empathically. This helps us understand them. Our own energy will mimic what the other person’s energy is vibrating and therefore we will hold their pattern in our energy field. Sometimes people will continue to hold that pattern even after the communication is over. They can even take on other person’s energy.

I have seen through the years of working as a medium and healer that we are emotional beings. Our first and foremost ability is to feel emotionally: the rest of life follows suit. Once we can identify that we are emotional beings, we begin to observe the amount of energy it takes to maintain our emotions. Everything we do, think and feel is all empowered by energy. Our chakra system, the energetic highways and byways, contains all the possible energetic vibrations and the way we use our emotions dictates the responses of the chakras. Knowing this we can see how natural it is for us to be empathic, having the ability to connect to how others feel.

Empathy is a powerful tool but sometimes misused. When we are feeling what another is going through, we often come to believe it is ourselves feeling this way. Our brain is not trained to ask, “Is  this feeling mine?” so we begin to believe whatever we are feeling must belong to us. However, I feel there is no guideline on the kind of work we need to do to evolve. There is no one judging your performance except you. This life is a very personal experience and only you can decide what needs to be done to reach the goals you have aligned for yourself. The only true common denominator I can speak to is our ability to feel emotions and have our needs met.

Synchronicities pop up in our life when we are
agreeing to align ourselves with our truth, that is,
when we are ‘in the flow’. For me, synchronicities are
not road signs directing us to change directions, but
gentle reminders to stay the course.

Q: How can we cultivate a more natural alignment to our intuition?

JB: Start building your trust with your intuition through these little activities:


Take the time to acknowledge how your five senses react to the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’. What color, feeling, location, sensation, taste, sound and more do these words evoke in you? You can use simple yes or no questions to engage your intuition on the myriad of decisions you make on a daily basis.


Write down in a list all the intuitive experiences you have throughout the day, even if they are very small and do not seem to be worth much. At the end of the day, go back and put a checkmark  next to the ones that played out to be accurate with good insight. You might find it is a full day or week later before you get your validation. Having this on paper allows your brain to see it documented.


Pay attention to your words. Most of the time we’re trying to express our intuition, yet our language does not provide accurate words to convey it. Words like ‘lucky’, ‘coincidence’, ‘bright idea’, ‘ah- ha’ are all indicators of intuition. Be confident to share information without knowing the source of its origin. For that is a very intuitive thing!


Building trust in your intuition allows it to be stronger. When you find yourself doubting, step back. Claim your intuitive place as a no-doubt zone! When you are doubting, you are not connecting and you are not trusting your experience. Step back, take a breath, and begin to ask very simple yes and no questions about what you are experiencing.


Intuition does not need you. As soon as you insert your voice, you could be wanting to control, compare, contrast and measure your intuition as if it were a logical experience. When you let go and become effortless with answers or intuition, your accuracy level increases.

Q: How do synchronicities point us in the right direction in our lives? What are some you’ve experienced?

JB: Synchronicities pop up in our life when we are agreeing to align ourselves with our truth, that is, when we are ‘in the flow’. For me, synchronicities are not road signs directing us to change directions, but gentle reminders to stay the course. Synchronicities have helped me create my businesses, especially The Lighter Side Network. I did not have a vision to create an online network, but the universe kept putting people in my path who brought out the creative in me. Once I acknowledged this, I began to see my path clearly. The Lighter Side Network is now over one year old and growing.

Interviewed by EMMA IVATURI


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