Walk the peace path


On the 21 September we celebrate International Day of Peace.

Would you like to be an agent of peace in your own school or at home? Would you like to ‘walk the peace path’?

This is what you will need:

  • 6 big paper sheets – A1 is a great size. You can also use recycled paper, like old newspapers. They work just fine!
  • Red, yellow and green water-based paints.
  • A big round brush.

Paint each one of the images below on a paper sheet, and make two copies, so that you have two sets of the same three steps.

Place each set, face to face, as if they are walking towards each other like this:


You and your friends can ‘walk the peace path’ whenever there is a conflict. It is a 3-step process:

  • Let everyone first express how they feel about the conflict.
  • Next, let everyone explain how they will change in themselves so that they feel better.
  • Finally, have them talk about how they will avoid such a situation next time.

NB  The trick is not to point the finger, expecting others to change, but for everyone to look to their own part in bringing harmony and peace.

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