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When fear knocks


A MADHUSUDHAN REDDY explores the role fear plays in holding us back from success. He also shares some tips on how to overcome fear and develop courage and confidence.

Everybody wants to be successful, but we succumb to things that are hurdles on the path of success. Though our hearts aspire for success, there is always some fear consciousness deep inside that keeps pulling us back. So if the fear is removed at the outset, we will come closer to success.

The whole world sometimes kills your enthusiasm.
In those times it is better to follow
your inner voice than listen to others.

We have fear of failure, fear of enormous future. We fear people may ridicule us – that either we are too old for the job or too young and immature, that we don’t have the required qualifications or we are inexperienced, that we lack the intelligence. Thinking that we are inadequate in some way, most of us lose the opportunities we have in hand. When we hide behind such pretexts, opportunities are closed to us.

How to get rid of fear and fill yourself with courage? Take time and question yourself: What is the cause of my fear? Why am I taking shelter behind these pretexts? If you want to be successful, taking risks is unavoidable. So how to take those risks now?

The whole world sometimes kills your enthusiasm. In those times it is better to follow your inner voice than listen to others.

When you are in complex situations, even if others discourage you by saying it is useless, continue to try. Think on your own. Once you understand the facts thoroughly and take the risk, it can pave your way to success. But make sure that on your own you try to understand the situation. Once you understand the situation thoroughly, you will be able to take the right decision and never lose the opportunity that you have.

You may as well fear quick success, not failure, because if you want to multiply success it is unavoidable that you will face failure. Do not lose courage when you fear the loss of face you may have. You may fear that you will lose your reputation, or you may not have courage to speak in a meeting because you think everybody will laugh at you. Instead say to yourself that the future is full of best prospects, that you will certainly reach the goals you cherish, that you will face any kind of situation courageously, and then you may witness everything happening in your favor.

Gradually courage will become a part of you, and there will be no place for fear, anxiety and negativity inside you. Even when there is a challenge or a problem, you will not need to develop courage afresh. All fears and doubts will disappear. We are all inherently powerful but somehow we are discouraged by what others say.

If you observe carefully, all power is within you.

All the help that you require is also in you.

If you think you are successful, you will become successful.

If you think you are a failure, you will become a failure.

So chose what you want to be.

What is courage?

Courage allows us to transcend all kinds of fears, in my opinion – fear of death, fear due to discomfort in the body, fear of hunger, fear of insults, fear that others may disagree, fear of evil powers, fearing other’s anger.

From Fear to Courage

When the mind is pure you will naturally feel courageous. When you lose this purity many things create fear.

If you believe in yourself and respect yourself, you become courageous. Self-confidence removes fear. Instead of thinking about weaknesses, focus on your strengths.

Subtle intelligence works like a medicine that cures diseases. Try to acquire the self-knowledge that removes fear. Constant practice helps to overcome all sorts of challenges.

Develop right thinking and you will not even fear death. Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita says, “Duty if done without any desire even in a small way will protect us from the greatest fears.”

Cultivate a pure mind, a moral life, self-confidence and mental restraint in daily life, in order to live happily devoid of fear. Courage can take you to heaven in a moment. Do not run away from the difficulties in life; difficulties run away and vanish when you face them boldly.

Desire, anger, greed, pride, illusion and envy create a lot of fear, taking frightening forms and restricting consciousness. They do not allow you to reach your goal. In the ancient texts they are compared with poisonous animals such as sharks, cobras, crocodiles and scorpions. In order not to be influenced by them, do some spiritual practice that will enable you to digest all these poisons. Then you can get to that urn of immortality, the nectar. Face your enemies within.

Use the tears of your eyes to cultivate your dream.
Convert that which is burning you into a lamp and
encourage the heart to share the light.
Wake up! Your destiny is calling you. Fear nothing.

Life is a struggle for everyone. Success lies only in that struggle. Set your first step on the mountain; take things head on; have a strong hold on your way to the goal. Those stones that stop you can be your foundation. Mold those who chase you to grow to move forward.

Use the tears of your eyes to cultivate your dream. Convert that which is burning you into a lamp and encourage the heart to share the light. Wake up! Your destiny is calling you. Fear nothing.

If it is day, the sun says, “I’m there,” if it is night, the moon says, “I’m there,” blessing us with the necessary courage. Therefore, when fear knocks open the door of courage.




  1. Hi. This is worth reading. Need more topics for the young generation.

  2. Avatar DEEPIKA POTHURAJU : September 3, 2018 at 10:22 am

    A very inspiring article!

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