Heartfulness Yogasanas



Stage 1

Half fold the legs, take the right leg over the top of the left thigh and keep the right foot beside the left buttock, just touching it.

Place the left leg underneath the right thigh and pull the left foot to the side of the right buttock.

Arrange the position of the knees so that one is above the other – right knee is located directly above the left knee.

Both feet are in the same line.

Hold the head, neck and back erect.

Place the hands on the knees, one on the top of the other – palms facing downwards, arms relaxed.

Relax the whole body, keep the eyes closed, hold and stay with gentle long breaths – in and out six times.

Stage 2

Breathe in, bring the right arm behind and place it on the floor behind the lower back.

Bring the left arm over the right leg, crossing over the right thigh.

Slowly twist the upper body to the right side, and look backward through the shoulders.

Keep both shoulders in same line and feel the twist at the waist.

Gently close the eyes, maintain the posture with gentle, long and deep breaths – in and out six times.

Stage 3

Hold the back straight.

Raise the right arm and place the hand over the shoulders.

Place the left arm and hand behind the back.

Clasp the fingers together. In the beginning this may be difficult, but with practice it becomes very easy.

The back of the left hand should lie in contact with the spine, while the palm of the right hand should point towards the spine.

Hold the spine erect.

Raise the head, so that it faces forward.

Close the eyes, maintain the posture with slow and deep breaths – in and out six times.

Release the position, straighten the legs, repeat the entire practice in the opposite direction (left side) after coming to Dandasana and folding the left leg on top of the right leg.


The back is automatically straightened in this posture.

It strengthens the muscles of the upper back, upper arms, shoulders, chest, hips and thighs.

Tones the muscles and nerves around the shoulders and cardiac plexus.

Helps to stretch the hips, thighs, ankles and shoulders.

Helps to remove stiffness in the spine, neck and shoulder.

Gomukhasana induces relaxation. Practicing Gomukhasana for ten minutes can ease away tension, worry or tiredness.

Helps to relieve aliments such as diabetes, high blood pressure and sexual malfunctions.

Pelvic and reproductive organs are toned and massages by regular practice of Gomukhasana.

Muscles of the lower back, buttocks and knees are properly stretched and the asana is beneficial in backache, sciatica and rheumatism.

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