Is your mind flexible?

Is your mind flexible?

in Issue 10, Self

Many of us today are interested in keeping our bodies flexible and fit, but how many of us are interested in developing neuroplasticity? ELIZABETH DENLEY shares some tips on mental...

Transforming autism

Transforming autism

in Issue 10, Relationships

GUY SHARAR turns an apparent tragedy into an opportunity for love, light and transformation. The advent of our son’s autism forced and guided my wife and me to learn to...

Unconsciously waking up

Unconsciously waking up

in Issue 10, Work

GABBY BERNSTEIN shares with us something of her personal journey of transformation. Q: How did you come to your meditation path? GB: Meditation was a radical turning point in my...

Amazing flowers

Amazing flowers

in Issue 10, Nature

For thousands of years flowers have been used as medicines to cure human diseases. In the 1920s, a London doctor decided to explore the healing properties of flowers systematically and...

Jomo the brave - part 2

Jomo the brave – part 2

in Children, Issue 10

“Please Zaïr, can you tell us the end of the story of Jomo the Brave?” “Come on children, let’s go into that container. Well! It’s warmer, in here, isn’t it?...



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This magazine is superbly designed and wonderfully compiled. The write ups seem to spring from the inner well of experience and have the power to motivate one and all. The insights found here are like gems scattered waiting for me to pick them up and enrich my life. Gently and slowly I go deeper within myself each time I find something that is a revelation for me here in these pages and that happens quite often! Keep it up! You are touching hearts in ways beyond imagination. - Jayanthi

Such amazing articles! Kudos to each and every contributor for they are helping enlighten so many beings on the path of listening to ones heart, making this journey more beautiful and purposeful.
- Aditi

Fantastic Heartfulness Magazine! Wow!!
- Emilie, Denmark

Huge appreciation for this very lovely achievement.
- Rosalind, UK