The thirst for beauty


YVES BENHAMOU explores the science of joy and how to cultivate joy within, in order to open the doors to the Infinite and nurture our kinship with splendor.

It is human nature to unendingly yearn for happiness. It seems we have that sort of thirst within us, that compelling impulse, that hope that will nourish our days and our dreams. There are also moments when, from the bottom of our hearts, joy will simply be there, without necessarily being attached to any particular circumstance, and sometimes even when we are going through a difficult time. It is like a bubble full of emptiness, an instant of quiescence, a Presence: our thirst is quenched and our quest rewarded. Art itself is opening, at the heart of our life.

Let me presume that we have all shared that experience, we as well as everything that lives: men, animals and plants. Why not the cat, which can be suddenly stunned, or the weightless leaf throbbing under the breeze in the light of dawn?

Can psychology explain such a dazzling joy? How could the newborn leaf translate that precious moment when it is dancing in tune with Nature? If we were to interfere in the plant metabolism at that very moment, could we discover a potential growth in photosynthesis, a sudden activation of the mitochondrial metabolism, or any other tangible phenomenon?

Solving the mystery of joy probably amounts
to solving all other mysteries.
So we had better be grateful and bow to joy’s
intrinsic evidence when we are endowed with it,
rather than try to understand it.

And we who are conscious beings – can we discover within us, in the convolutions of our brains, that sudden synchronicity between the Delta, Theta and Gamma waves, or will there be new types of waves still unidentified due to their higher subtleness? …

Read the complete article in Volume 2, Issue 2



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  1. Avatar Anuradha Agarwal : February 12, 2017 at 4:04 am

    Fantastic! Thanks

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