A child at the core


SHRUTI PANDEY discovers the joys and responsibilities of new parenthood, and sees the opportunities for her own growth.

Three years back, I could have never imagined that my life would change so much. In 2014 I married, and after one year we were blessed with a baby boy. Today I am a mother and my life is on a completely new track. I really feel blessed to have such an experience, even though some of my friends say that we had the baby too early and now we cannot enjoy life. I would like to tell all those people that what I feel now with my baby is much more intense than spending my time in so-called ‘enjoyment’.

It is a great feeling to bring a soul into this world. I feel blessed and dutiful at the same time. I have learnt from various sources that potent souls look for potent channels to come to this world, the channels of course being the parents.

The most important part of becoming parents is to become what we want our children to eventually become, because children don’t listen to you, they observe you; and they become what they observe. Initially, my husband and I were a little scared about whether we were really ready to bring a little one into this world. Would we be able to take care of a child and help him or her become a good human being? I kept thinking on it and finally gave the thought, “Yes. I will make sure that this soul serves its purpose in coming here.” After a few days I tested pregnant.

I am so happy and feel so blessed that our child chose us as his parents. This feeling of motherhood started taking over every other feeling and emotion. Since taking care of my child, I often forget myself. His activities keep me busy the whole day: when he smiles I am overjoyed, when he cries I try to find the reason so I can help him. It is wonderful just to observe him the whole day. I realize that these child-like qualities are what we adults lack, which makes us unhappy in life. He is innocent and ignorant, and that is why he is so happy! I want to be like him.

When I see him I tell myself
that I want to preserve his innocence,
that very child-like nature alive in his core.

When I see him I tell myself that I want to preserve his innocence, that very child-like nature alive in his core. I hope and pray that I have the required strength and capability to help him retain that – so he can always be a child at the core.

Generally, the idealistic behavior we expect from our children is very difficult to follow ourselves. I am learning the importance of being really honest with my child, of telling him what is the ideal, what I am, and what I want him to become. Maybe I can ask him also to help me in achieving the ideal. I think this way he will be more connected to us and love us in spite of our shortcomings. Together with my child I want to learn, grow and become, and I am grateful to learn from him about becoming child-like again!


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