A new vocation

A new vocation

EMMA IVATURI shares some ideas on how we can make ripples of change in the world, through a silent revolution of hearts joining together around the world. We may discover how connected we really are!

“Don’t fear to keep your heart wide open. The world needs love. You know it, my child. What better and what more can you do, now that you know how much this energy can change the world? You have confirmations of this too: these vibrations form a wiremesh surrounding the Earth.

“Nothing is lost, believe me; the heart’s impulses represent a force in this world. May they spread in you as well as in each one of you. Maintain thoughts of love; cultivate them in your heart, as you would do for very rare and invaluable plants. They cannot die in this world. They gather and form a powerful égrégore. Become aware of this power of yours. In this aspect also, future times will prove the soundness of our comments. It will be used in a precise way and in proportions that you cannot imagine, since its action is boundless. By itself, this force can transform the world and achieve a revolution, in the best sense of the word.

“We repeat ourselves: the world is moving towards new times, and you will have to adapt. We are preparing you through these messages. Our way is helping you greatly in this respect; you partake of this spirit. Be confident and blessed.”

Babuji, Whispers from The Brighter World, Vol. 3., 2001

How often when we meet a new person do we open with, “So what do you do?” There’s an inherent tension behind our answer. We have unconsciously absorbed the premise that what we do to make money makes us who we are. The premise that our job not only colors our being, but also must make a mark on the world, adds yet another layer to this inner strain. Yet so many of us look for work not to dazzle new people at parties, but simply to make a living and help raise our families.

During this unique time, many cannot perform their jobs or even find themselves suddenly unemployed. We have all been asked to remain at home, to take a step back. We now have an opportunity to re-evaluate premises about who we are, what we value, and how our lives and the world may continue to function in the future.

In the midst of new stressors, haven’t many of us have reconnected to oft neglected spaces in our heart? We have found ourselves being perhaps a bit more generous than usual, and a bit more thrilled at a passing smile from a stranger after days alone at home. We have found glimpses of trust. We have found ways to stay connected despite being physically distant.

Most events and gatherings have become remote as we tune in to conference calls and live video meetings. Heartfulness centers around the world have begun to conduct group meditations in this way. There’s a trend that significantly more people are meditating and learn these simple and effective practices. Are these the newcomers joining merely because it’s suddenly more convenient and they have more time on their hand? Or perhaps because in these times so many of us have begun to reconnect to the value of inner-attunement?

At some point we may ask ourselves what then we can do besides staying at home to help “flatten the curve”? We have begun to share our stories, our humor, our art and inspiration. And more of us have turned to practices like meditation to refine our being and expand our capacity to love.

Gandhi’s entreaty to “Be the change you wish to see in the world” may just be the launch point for many of us. And how better to change ourselves than with contemplative practice? Meditation gives us the tools to clear our past impressions  and free ourselves from hardened habits. We feel more lightness, joy and innate trust. Its benefits are immediate, long-term and innumerable.

Yet there is another profound aspect of meditation that goes beyond mere self-improvement and inner evolution. It is in our collective evolution that we uncover meditation’s full potency. Currently we witness our interdependency more fully when we realize the fragility of our economic and social structures in these challenging times. How much more connected are we in unknown ways?

We are beginning to better understand how our bodies emit electromagnetic vibrations. Studies, like those of the HeartMath Institute, show us the potency with which we affect each other and the immense electromagnetic effects of the heart. But beyond the intellectual reaffirmation, we feel intimately how much the love emanating from another can touch us, changing the course of our lives forever.

Surely as more and more people learn
to meditate and practice with ever-increasing devotedness,
we will see ripples, nay waves, of change across the world.

When we meditate, we refine our inner vibration. We expand our consciousness. We cultivate love. When we meditate in a group – physically in one place or virtually – we expand that vibration exponentially. How much, then, could the Earth’s electromagnetic field be affected as we expand our own? How much could subtle shifts in greater and greater numbers of human hearts and minds change, perhaps, even the course of history?

We may then consider meditation, the art of deeply cultivating and widely expanding love, as a revolutionary act. Every moment I spend doing these uplifting practices makes an indelible mark on the world. Surely as more and more people learn to meditate and practice with ever-increasing devotedness, we will see ripples, nay waves, of change across the world.

So irrespective of whether we have work considered “essential,” have the privilege to still be able to work remotely, find ourselves unemployed, or find ourselves suddenly with way more to do with the kids at home all day, we can make the most of the enormous shift we’ve been gifted. We have the opportunity to make global change through introspective practice our new mission. And, whatever we end up doing to make a living, we can make love our new vocation.



Emma Ivaturi

About Emma Ivaturi

Emma Ivaturi is a mother, graphic designer and co-editor of Heartfulness Magazine, based in New Jersey, US. She is also a regular speaker and MC at wellness and meditation events in the area. Class Valedictorian from the University of California, Los Angeles, she loves sharing an effective, life-changing practice by facilitating meditation workshops across the country.

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