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Arohi Bhimajiani

Arohi was born and brought up in Mumbai. She is passionate about penning poetry, and writing about things that resonate with her, parenting, and the soul. She currently pursues all forms of creative writing and can always be found enjoying a warm cup of tea.

November 20, 2022
My soul song
AROHI BHIMAJIANI shares her experience of the power of prayer, and how it has helped her navigate the difficult periods in her life. She is also teaching the practice to her daughter. Have you ever wondered if our prayers work? Have you ever wondered how they work? I have witnessed my prayers come to life... View Article
November 2022
October 24, 2022
Letting go of fear
AROHI BHIMAJIANI writes about fear – how fears that develop at a young age can stay with us far into adulthood; and how her fear of dogs helped her to understand what helps us overcome fear. Fear. It takes a million forms, doesn’t it? Right from that ghost under the bed, to standing at the... View Article
October 2022