August 2022

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These days, we are hearing a lot from the GEN Zs. They have started their own movements and projects around the world, and many are asking for intergenerational partnerships to solve our current challenges.

In our August edition we address this topic head on. Kasha Slavner, Ananya Patel, Manav Dave, and Divya Rao represent the GEN Zs, sharing their projects and perspectives in the arts, social activism, and the climate crisis. Ichak Adizes provides his thoughts on enabling future leaders, Steve Macadam and Emilie Mogensen on building authentic communities, and Karishma Stretton presents her 7 eternal truths for raising happy humans. Oscar nominee, Pawo Choyning Dorji, takes us on a trip to the remotest part of Bhutan, and veteran artist Brigitte Smith’s paintings speak to the urgency of our time.

Our wellness experts, Brittany Cesarini, Snehal Deshpande, and Amit Karekar, share tips and stories on topics ranging from burnout and addiction to connecting and unplugging. And Daaji gives us new insight into how India won its freedom, as we celebrate 75 years on August 15.

We hope this edition will inspire you to think and to act. 

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