December 2022

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December 16 to 18, 2022, sees the first international conference on Integrative Approaches to Health and Well-being hosted at Kanha Shanti Vanam. To showcase this trailblazing event, our December edition is full of original research in various fields of wellness. 

We learn about distraction, decision-making, and how to care for ourselves. We explore consciousness, correct perception and understanding, and the way we all research in everyday life. We celebrate young researchers and empathetic leaders, and learn the secrets of resisting temptation. We examine the silent epidemic of loneliness and the pursuit of happiness. We evaluate our chances of realizing SDG 3 by 2030, discover how the gut microbiome affects our immune system, and observe the relaxation that comes with Nature’s sounds. Finally, we learn how the city of Reykjavik’s Green Plan is at the forefront of creating the 3 pillars of sustainability – economic, social, and environmental – leading to an environmentally-friendly city. 

Happy reading, and a very joyous festive season from the editors. We’ll be back with more wonderful content for you in 2023!

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