Making portraits

Making portraits

Is there someone whose face you would love to draw or paint? It can be someone you know or someone you don’t know. Either find the person and ask if you can paint them, or use a photo of the person. What matters is that the face of the person should attract you in some way, and make you feel something.

Look carefully at the face, how it is composed, including all the smaller details. Also, connect with your heart and look at the face with a defocused view. When we have a defocused view, we are able to see the full picture. To have a defocused view, have one eye turned outside on what you are doing, and one eye inside in contact with your heart. Then start your painting or drawing of the portrait. Do not judge your work; just stay openhearted.

When your portrait is finished, you can choose to ask your art piece: “If you could talk to me, what would you tell me?” There is often a ‘message’ in our artwork. It could be something like, “Listen inside,” or “What are your dreams?”


Photos and text by ANNE-GRETHE KOUSGAARD
Painted portrait by MAJA BRUUN-SMIDT

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