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The power of gratitude

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The power of gratitude

RAVI IVATURI observes the effect of gratitude on his own reactions and behavior and realizes its importance in day-to-day life.

About a year ago I got an email from my employer indicating that they had deposited a contribution into my retirement fund account. It was no life changing amount – far from it – nonetheless a welcome event.

This happened at a time when I was going through a phase of anxiety and stress. Along with a many other volunteers, I had taken up the task of organizing a meditation conference on a scale we had not done before, and things were not looking bright, to put it mildly. Despite scouting almost every single event space in New York City and New Jersey that could accommodate more than 2,000 people, none were available on the dates we wanted. Some of the venues’ sales teams would not event talk to us. Add to that, several speakers were also not available. Overall, the writing on the wall was very unfavorable and we badly needed a break.

The state of gratitude
seemed to be a favorable
disposition of mind to
accomplish things. The
lesson learnt is simple:
be grateful under all

This was beginning to have an impact on various aspects of my life – performance at work, relationships with my wife and family, and my commitments to this volunteer work. So when this email from HR popped up, a subtle sense of gratitude kicked in. It was not joy, and I was certainly not celebrating, but a sense of gratitude arose in me for being given a resource that could sustain my family at some point in the distant future. This immediately changed my mental state, as the constant stress and anxiety were replaced with calm and peace. A subtle undercurrent of gratitude started to surface, like I sometimes experience during meditation classes.

That afternoon I was on a roll. I tackled challenges at work that I had been avoiding, cleared up overdue tasks, and accomplished quite a lot, much to my amusement, all without even a tiny bit of weariness! The difference was so palpable that I could not avoid noticing it and reflecting on what made the difference.

It did not require a lot of pondering. The answer popped up from inside that it’s the inner sense of gratitude. This inner state of gratitude created a poised and composed mind that was capable of focusing and accomplishing tasks. The state of gratitude seemed to be a favorable disposition of mind to accomplish things. The lesson learnt is simple: be grateful under all circumstances.

Now, being grateful for a gift of money is easy and almost natural, but life is no walk in the park. The real challenge is how do I remain in this state of  gratitude regardless of situations? How do I learn to take miseries as blessings, and feel gratitude for them? How do I
“…meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;”

in the words of Rudyard Kipling in his poem If?

For now I plan to do my best by living in the present, holding no judgments and holding no hate. I hope to cultivate an inner state of love and gratitude through meditation, and accept what comes my way. I am sure to make mistakes; I have already made several during the last year and I hope to learn from them and foster a benevolent heart that is grateful for all that comes its way.





  1. Very well written. I too have experienced incredible changes during the past 3 years due to the feeling of gratitude.

  2. Well said. During the pandemic situation, true boosting by sharing such gratitude. Thank you so very much.

  3. Great learning from a small event! The secret is a deep inward journey and thinking inside to get insights.

  4. To be truthful and take miseries as blessings is difficult but not impossible if practiced with heart.

  5. Gratitude is one of the important aspects in real life. Be grateful in all situations is the right way of approach. It is better to cultivate an inner state of love and gratitude through meditation, and accept what comes in our way which is natural and try to digest which disappears over a period of time. Time is crucial. It plays an important role. It has its own value. It makes us to set right everything. Live in the present! Enjoy!

  6. I love the simple statement of your lesson learned .. something that will dramatically change everything . Thank you

  7. Simple truth but often forgotten and not incorporated in day-to-day life. Thank you for sharing your experience which helped me to refresh, restart and remember all the time the power of gratitude.

  8. I once helped a blind man by holding his arm and accompanying him to where he was going, which was a good distance away. When he safely reached his destination, I bid him “good-bye”. To my surprise, and disappointment, he just kept walking away slowly. But then, he suddenly stopped, turned around and told me something that I am not prepared to forget: ‘Surely you were expecting me to say “thank you”, but I won’t. Never expect anybody to be grateful to you in any circumstance. You will be better served just by doing them a favour and not expecting anything in return’

  9. Gratitude and forgiveness are two virtues we should develop in our life to stay happy. Thank you Ravi for strengthening my thought process.

  10. Gratitude has wonderful effects on all, if sincerely and timely followed. Being grateful even for small things helps bring miracles. Every one feel happy when appreciated and thanked. Do not take it for granted. Express gratitude on every opportunity and see by yourself what benefits it brings to you.

  11. Gratitude and forgiveness are like two sides of the same coin, virtue, and our tears of compassion bless us to inherit the solace.

  12. Inspiring writeup. Gratitude and forgiveness are the two traits any human being can develop for a better life. Keep loving. Keep smiling. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Gratitude is the most powerful thing, especially in adverse situations, but very few realise it and hence most ignore it. Gratitude not only strengthens us to face challenges effectively, but also brings peace and happiness to you. It also creates a good impact when you express gratitude and encourages others to extend more and more help.

  14. Loved the article. Thank you for sharing. Keep reminding ourselves that love, gratitude, happiness and peace go hand in hand. Thanking God every minute for everything in elation and despair I believe is the key for all of the above.

  15. This article met my eyes at the right time.
    We just lost all our home furniture, due to the negligence and wrong decisions of our contractor.
    This article made me realize that instead of crying over something that can’t be retrieved, I can try the path of GRATITUDE.
    I changed my agitated mind to calmness. I started showing gratitude to the Almighty for helping me realize that attachment to material things isn’t the way to go. There are so many things that still give me happiness and peace. Gratitude for that.

  16. Thanks for this interesting article you have shared with us. Very grateful to read your content on this website.

  17. From feeling GREAT to feeling GRATEFUL appears to be an initial step towards humility, and it comes along with acceptance, love, and no prejudice. Seems to save a lot of energy and helps good heart-to-heart communion. Thanks a lot Ravi Ivaturi for giving a very nice expression to gratitude.

  18. This is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself!
    I teach 13 yoga classes every week!
    In each class we share a prayer of gratitude: for our yoga practice, the gift of life, and our amazing, beautiful, brilliant, resilient Sacred Body Temple that houses our Heart, Soul, and Spirit!
    Thank you Ravi Ivaturi for the reminder.

  19. Very well written about gratitude and how can we all to be in every situation to be grateful. It’s a phase of surrender. Got a lot from your article. So grateful.


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