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The science of appreciation

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The science of appreciation

VEENA VERMA and NEHHA LOHIYA explore the possibilities for global peace that start with learning the art and science of appreciation.

The corporate business world has given it a very unpleasant and gross terminology which we know as ‘ego massaging’. But if we go deeper and look at the science of how we are designed as humans, especially our hearts, we would realize that it is not about the ego of a person, but more to do with how the spiritual anatomy of our hearts work.

Let us try to explain what the great spiritual masters have discovered in this field. Our heart has the dual qualities of both a positive and negative nature – good and bad, light and heavy, right and wrong – and putting this in scientific logic, a negative quality would obviously create a negative field and a positive quality a positive one.

One of the many such qualities which can prove to be a very effective tool for reconnecting with one and all, and hence the ultimate Source, is appreciation towards one another. Appreciation means identifying that genius in each and every one of us and expressing a feeling of happiness to have come across that piece of art in every being. It means being gratified to that ultimate Source of existence for manifesting it through that particular human being.

When we appreciate the sacred quality of another being, this attitude and vibe of appreciation creates a very coherent positive field around both the hearts and revives a very sacred link between our hearts, which goes deep down to our Soul. It reconnects each one of us with that pure energy which exists in our hearts as a part of that one ultimate Source from which we have all descended. Thus we tap into the eternal connection, taking it beyond this physical realm towards the eternal bond of existence. This makes the relationship and the journey ahead with the other person very smooth and coherent, empowering each other with continuous exchange of positive energy.

Scientifically, the point from which the expression originates governs where it reaches, so if we appreciate from our heart …

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