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ADITI SAXENA considers the importance of teachers and role models in how we create our destiny and personality.

Have you ever wondered how we grow as personalities? How does our value system build, ultimately reflecting the same through our actions, behaviour and character?

While I was thinking about this, I went back to my childhood days and saw myself standing there as a third person, observing how this journey of life has been so far. Immediately my heart was filled with gratitude towards my mentors and teachers, without whom I wouldn’t be the personality that I am today.

Teachers play a very crucial role. They help in shaping character and also act as role models to achieve those personal goals that they have already walked through.

I had a disciplined and goal-oriented lifestyle as a kid. My Taekwondo trainer and my spiritual guide have both been my mentors. They gave me the best childhood and fruitful college days by helping me to develop both physical and mental strength to face and accept every one of life’s challenges with faith and confidence.

When I look back, I can’t imagine a single day without them. It is as if every brick is important in building the wall. Similarly, every effort of theirs has made me saner and wiser. The love they have given is shown in many ways: in the challenges they have made me face, and in the hours of practice for tournaments maintaining a calm and composed stature, even when the opponent wins.

Teachers play a very crucial role.
They help in shaping character
and also act as role models
to achieve those personal goals
that they have already walked through.

Having a balanced state of mind is of utmost importance to me, and this was being honed through Taekwondo. Moving forward, that is also how I developed a profound interest in meditation with a spiritual teacher; the grounding was being prepared throughout all those years of childhood.

In a physical discipline like Taekwondo, anger, ego, grudges and prejudice can only bring downfall, with which no player can succeed; for when that happens sportsmanship is missing and it is directly linked with mental fitness. I remember that winning tournaments was not difficult when I was mentally fit and free from anger. My Taekwondo teachers helped me develop an attitude of respect towards the opponent and moreover a respect for the opponent’s Master.

In all this, I developed the capacity to think out of the box. I learnt to be creative in self-defence techniques, and discovered smart ways to finish off the match without creating any barrier with the other competitors.

Developing the qualities of brotherhood, care and empathy, respecting each individual – their views, attitude towards situations and people – and still maintaining humility is a never-ending learning process.

All this has helped me to grow in all ways. It has kept me fit, healthy and hearty. I encourage everyone to go out and explore life. Let your teachers guide you and shape you. It is only after going through a lot of moulding and churning that they make us that which we could never imagine.


Aditi Saxena

Aditi Saxena

Aditi is from Pune in Maharashtra, India. She credits her mother and spiritual Master as her biggest influences in shaping her character. Aditi is a senior consultant for Infosys Technologies, and is also an athlete, representing her countr... Read More