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What an insight it could be to
travel in a Commitment Train called Ma,
to have a window seat, but this time
look inside rather than out.
Just a silent witness along for the ride.

I would then see the inner workings
of a pure soul, full of love,
moving on the tracks of life.
Through rivers, fields and all the rife,
nothing seeming to deter those flywheels.

An engine of commitment, fueled just
by purity and love to stop and go.
Life’s signals of red and green
guided by conscience as the driver keeps
one eye on the road and another inward.

On a silent night, when the winds are still
you may hear a quiet voice, and feel
sometimes steam, sometimes tears.
Yet this journey that seems endless in distance
feels like a pilgrimage, abundant with blessings.

This commitment train never rests.
There are different destinations and stops
but, unspoken commitment bound,
into the nights and days, on an endless journey.
So, there is promise in the morrows for ones who follow.





Art and Poetry by NARENDRA KINI


Narendra Kini

Narendra Kini

Narendra lives in California and is an avid Raja Yoga practitioner. He is the co-founder and CEO of Global Touchpoints, and is involved in Real Time Analytics. One of two identical twins, he believes in spiritual, emotional, mental and phys... Read More