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KARISHMA DESAI introduces the principle of entrainment, and the synchronicity between all things found in nature. She highlights the role of the heart as the entrainer par excellence, and the way to sync the rest of our body with the heart to discover the ultimate entrainment.

The Spirit and the Heart are one.
It is the heart that is at one with God, not the mind.
To discover one’s own heart is to discover God.
Dr. David R. Hawkins

I have always been fascinated by the principle of entrainment – the natural state of resonance between two oscillating frequencies. You may remember from school the physics experiment of the two tuning forks: when one vibrating fork is brought next to the other, their frequencies sync naturally. In physics, this synchronicity between objects toward the higher oscillating frequency is known as Entrainment.

A few years ago, I was introduced to the Brighter Minds cognitive course for children. As I facilitated these sessions, I witnessed the magic of sound entrainment in the enhancement of children’s cognitive abilities. After being exposed to entrainment music, the children could effortlessly tap into their intuitive abilities and accurately identify the color of a ball in front of them while blindfolded. I was able to witness the cognitive enhancement of these children utilizing the sound entrainment technique. This experience increased my fascination to observe more examples of synchronicity around me.

When we are thinking of buying a certain brand of car, we spot that brand everywhere we go. As soon as we get interested in something, it seems to pop out of nowhere. Maybe it was always there, but we start noticing it more clearly now due to our interest in it. I started discovering entrainment both in my outer and inner worlds.

I was in awe of the beautiful synchronicity in nature. A flock of birds flying together in one direction. When one bird changes direction, the others naturally follow, as if there is an automatic synchronicity in their actions. A school of fish swims collectively in the same rhythmic pattern as if it’s automated. I started noticing that, in nature, all things tend to remain in sync or harmony with each other. I started seeing entrainment as a natural state of balance or harmony culminating in complete osmosis.


As a breathing coach, I learned to utilize breath entrainment for relaxation and healing. We can use our breath to entrain the body into a balanced and calmer state. This slowing down of our breath is followed by relaxation of the body and mind, which activates the parasympathetic nervous system. Using this breath-entrainment technique at bedtime is particularly beneficial for insomnia and related issues.

I became more aware of how my body is in sync with the rhythms of the day and night. I am fresh as a flower as the sun rises, while I feel the need to relax more and preserve my energies as the sun sets. I vividly observe how my body’s circadian rhythms or biological clock is entrained with the solar and lunar cycles.

According to physics, entrainment enables energy efficiency – it saves a lot of energy. Imagine how our universe would function if things worked against each other and there was no sync? There would be complete chaos in our world. And we all know the havoc that is created in our bodies if our organs are not in harmony with each other.

According to the Heart Math Institute, the heart is the strongest biological oscillator in the human system, and the rest of the body’s systems are pulled into entrainment with the heart’s rhythm.

I started noticing how tuning into my heart was a natural way to bring my whole system into a state of harmony. This resonance reduced the conflicting messages from my mind as I started trusting the voice of my heart. I experienced enhanced joy, peace, and love in my entire being. I became more deeply tuned with the present moment and moved from chaos to calm.

This can easily be achieved when we meditate upon the source of light in our hearts as prescribed in Heartfulness. When we begin to practice meditation with this method, and entrain ourselves to the higher frequency of the heart, it feels like tuning into a pool of Infinity. I wonder if the yogic Transmission utilized in Heartfulness Meditation gives us access to the “Ultimate entrainment” – that in which the heart is in complete osmosis with the source of the Infinite, the Divine. I am eager to discover this possibility. What are we waiting for?

End of the end is Infinity.


Karishma Desai

Karishma Desai

Karishma is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and wellness coach. She is a licensed Heartmath™ Resilience Trainer, Certified Breathwork Instructor, Meditation Trainer, and a practitioner of Heartfulness for over 2 decades. Through her comp... Read More