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Mandala means ‘a drawing in a circle’.

Since the dawn of time, all traditions and cultures on earth have used mandalas. A mandala expresses the link between man and the universe, between man and the Divine.

Whether you draw, paint, use sand, flowers or petals, the idea of a mandala is always to bring everything to the centre.  We move to what is the source, what is at the heart of each person.

In many traditional cultures, the mandala is a way of expressing the sacred and mysterious in life.  It symbolises the divine in us, our most profound potential. It brings peace.

In schools, teachers use mandala activities to bring children to calmness and a deeper focus.



Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

Prepare a large work space, without anything drawn on it, like a large table or bench or piece of ground.

Gather all the material that you will need: jars filled with flowers, leaves, moss, seeds, branches of various size and shapes; natural sands or earth of different hues; paints, crayons etc.

Stand gently in front of the workspace and keep your eyes down for a moment, in silence, with your attention towards your heart.

Draw a big circle on the workspace.

Let your hand choose without any specific intention to realise your mandala and to listen to what inspires you at this moment. Listen to your heart.

Take as long as you like for this activity. Give yourself some space. Be inspired and let yourself be creative.

At the end, explore what you feel while looking at your mandala.