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SIMONNE HOLM looks at ways to develop healthy balanced nutrition using the 80-20 alkaline-acid principle.

In the book, The pH Miracle, Dr. Robert Young explains how our modern lives are suffering from imbalance caused by our dietary choices. He also explains how we can easily restore our health, getting the best nutrients and eating a balance diet, by finding the right combination of foods. If you would like to benefit from his exhaustive research, as well as from the works of early pioneers in the field, I highly recommend reading the book.

The pH balance in your body plays a very important role in your health. pH is a measure of how acidic or alkaline something is, and an optimal acid-alkaline balance is necessary for the body to maintain a state of good health and avoid lifestyle diseases.


The tissues in our body have an optimal pH range that must be maintained for the immune system to function optimally, e.g., the blood at the slightly alkaline pH of 7.365. Eating acidic, toxic, low-quality processed food and leading a lifestyle full of stress and negative thinking make the body create more acid than it can eliminate, and this then affect sour digestive system and body metabolism.

So, in order to maintain the optimal pH of the blood, our bodies use alkaline minerals from our tissues. Once the alkalinity reserves in your tissues are exhausted, serious problems start. The body will be

gin to leach calcium directly from bones and magnesium from muscles. And the excess acid in the body will be dumped back into the tissues for storage as the lymphatic (immune) system is overloaded. The body will retain fat to protect the excess acids from affecting the organs that sustain life. It is one of the main reasons for weight-related problems.

This circle of imbalance will eventually lead to an oxygen-deficient environment in which bacteria, fungi, and yeast thrive. The body’s inability to remove its own waste leads to acidosis, the over-acidification of the blood and tissues.


Initial symptoms include low energy, allergies, premature aging, joint problems, inflammation, digestive issues, bowels irritation, reflux, weight gain, sleep problems, etc. These symptoms can later lead to chronic diseases like diabetes, inflammation, heart disease, osteoarthritis, cancer, and more.

Fortunately, we can prevent imbalance and support our bodily needs by eating an alkaline diet that is full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fiber, omega oils, antioxidants, and plenty of water.

The pH of our internal fluids affects every cell in the body, and blood is the most important tissue in the body that transports oxygen, nutrients, and water to the cells and eliminates waste products.

It is quite easy to regain the proper pH balance within only a matter of weeks.


Step 1: Understand what kind of lifestyle you live and what food you are eating.

Step 2: Understand how your body works according to the pH balance and how to maintain homeostasis.

Step 3: Take action. Break your imbalance and start eating a diet rich in raw, green, organic whole foods.

Daily Program for Optimum Health and Vitality

  1. Drink fresh organic green smoothies or juices.
  2. Drink more pure water.
  3. Eat organic green salads and nourishing dressing.
  4. Meditate to give your mind a break.
  5. Do breathing exercises for a few minutes daily.
  6. Move and get in contact withnature (parks, coast, forests, mountains, etc.).
  7. Sleep well – more than you think you need.

By adding these to your life, you can return your body to astate of purity and balance.


The 80-20 Principle

Everything you eat influences your body’s pH balance. So, it is important to find the right balance between acidic and alkaline food. To achieve the correct balance, strive for a diet of 80% alkaline-forming foods and 20% acid-forming foods.

In reality, most people are doing the exact opposite: eating 20%alkaline-forming foods and 80% acid-forming foods.

Make sure that meat, fish, potatoes, rice, pasta, and other acid-forming foods only make up 20% to 25% of what you eat. The remaining 75% to 80% of what you eat will be fresh vegetables and other alkaline foods.

Keep in mind that each of us is a unique individual with different bodily needs. You need to be your own best expert and begin to recognize your body’s true needs.

You can eat as many alkaline-forming foods as you like, as they contain important nutrients and have a low-glycemic index.


Alkaline food is plant-based, gluten-free, sugar-free, and contains proteins, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. Alkaline fruits and vegetables contain high water content and mineral content, which increase the oxygen content of the body.

The human body is designed to eat natural foods. And an alkaline diet offers an optimal way to bring yourself back to balance from any disorder, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Alkaline Drinks are the Foundation of Health

The easiest and the best way to get more raw vegetables daily is to kick-start your day by juicing or blending your vegetables.

A healthy daily intake is 6 to 9 cups of vegetables and fruits. Drinking a big glass of a green smoothie or juice daily will increase your greens intake by up to as much as 3 cups.


Using the balance principle, it is possible to create vibrant health, facilitate weight loss, and slow down aging.

Apply the principle step-by-step and visualize a big plate of what you will eat during the day. It can help you to navigate toward more healthy alkaline food.

Acid–Alkaline Ratios in Food

1. 75% acidic: common in the standard Western diet


Acidic foods rob your nutrients: low-quality processed, refined foods, nutrient, pre-packaged non-foods, fast foods, trans fats, genetically modified and oxidizing foods, sugar. They provide fewer nutrients to your body, but result in stress, toxins, and acidity.

2. 50-50: a good start to a healthy lifestyle


Regain nutrients by adding fresh, unprocessed foods. Let fresh, organic fruits and vegetables make up more than 50% of your food.

3. 70% to 80% alkaline food is the optimal balance for your health


Live fully recharged with 70% to 80% high-energy, fresh, alkaline, organic, whole foods, alkaline juices, smoothies, and water.


Simonne Holm

Simonne Holm

Simonne Holm is the founder of the Alkaline Institute. She helps people discover plant-based cooking through classes, retreats, and her cookbooks. www.alkaline-institute.com