The most important thing you can do for yourself


KYLE CEASE recently did an experiment on himself. The results are inspiring as he shares his insight into this wonderful process of self-discovery.

Recently, I meditated for two hours a day, for 100 days in a row. Here is what I discovered:

We have been prioritizing money, achievement, relationships, health and everything else over connecting to ourselves.

When you close your eyes and connect with yourself, you will discover that many other external issues will take care of themselves.

When you learn how to actually connect with you, you will discover that life will start to evolve around you.

People often see meditation as an escape from life. We think that we will end up shaving our heads and sitting under a tree, avoiding our potential.

What I have discovered is as I continue to connect to the essence of what I truly am, my career, impact, relationships and health all expand in ways that I never knew were possible.

Meditation is not about controlling your thoughts. It is about accepting all of yourself.

Most of our suffering is caused by our resistance to a thought. That’s pretty much it. It’s not the thought; it’s our fear of the thought. We are scared of a tiny little thought that we created. If we could learn to love our selves, including all of our thoughts, we would be able to release our past story and move to a new place of infinite possibility.

We live in a world that has taught us that it is normal to be stressed out and that we need to find some addiction in order to get back in the moment. What we don’t understand is the fact that we are the moment.

Everything else is a movie, distracting you from the infinite truth of what you are. If you understand the infinite powers that you possess, this world cannot sell you things that you don’t need.

The only way to get you to buy stuff is to first make you feel that you are not complete. You have been trained to feel that you are not enough, and you need a person or thing to complete you. You have been taught that a certain handbag will get you friends and a certain car will make you someone. All of this implies that you are not somebody already.

Every morning, we shower the dirt from our bodies, but we don’t shower the dirt from our minds. If you didn’t shower for 30 years, you would eventually be convinced that the bad smell was a part of your identity and you would become scared to see what was under it.

When you sit and check in with yourself, you discover that the scared, insecure, unworthy thoughts that you have been feeling have nothing to do with who you are. They are passing thoughts that will disappear when you love them. Your resistance was keeping those thoughts there in the first place.

Under all of this chaos, you will discover that you are a space of love. When you experience this to be your truth, you create a world of infinite possibility.

It’s so simple. It’s so freeing. It’s so obvious. Also, sadly, it’s so rare.

In the 100 days of meditation, I made a video every single day about what I was discovering. Each day, I was finding a treasure chest of new information and new possibilities. My career was suddenly ten times bigger, my health was getting much better, and everything else was falling into place.

You are welcome to see each insight video on my website Click on the ‘Self Connection Experiment’ and you will see 100 different discoveries that had been waiting for my entire life to be discovered.

You have your own unique discoveries waiting to be seen and realized. When you leave the world of fear, you enter the world of infinite potential.

I am looking forward to coming to USC and discovering those insights with you, in a collaborative way. I am also looking forward to helping you free yourself from the lies of limitation that have been stopping you from activating your true self.

Please join us. It just might be the most important thing you could do for yourself.

Article by KYLE CEASE

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  1. Your words really struck a chord. Beautifully written and such a practical approach. Our tool can be as simple as meditating daily. Thanks for sharing.

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