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In Part 1, the rainbow children came to earth and met many interesting animals and people. They were searching for the special seed of contentment. In Part 2 they continue their journey ...


There in the deep shade of the big trees they could only see the glow of the eyes of all the animals living there, and many, many whispers, chirpings and other noises.

While walking they met many of these jungle folk. It was amazing to see such a variety of creatures here on earth. They observed the fugitive, graceful deer, the ever-chatting monkeys. They saw the little jungle fowl, the colorful parakeets, the powerful buffalo and even a glimpse of the mighty tiger.

They were talking among themselves, asking each other if these creatures would know about the seed of contentment. This place was so full of life but it seemed to be a separate universe of its own. These animals all had their own law of existence and survival. They were naturally content, when they were not hungry and absolutely discontent when hungry.

The seed of contentment and the secret heartflower seemed to only be for people, because people could decide, if they wanted, to be good or not good.

They decided, therefore, that people needed this special gift of the seed of contentment, to remind them that indeed they could decide. Therefore the special heartflower would become a gift for them, so that they would persevere and not give up on being good.

It was a very secretive world, such a jungle. The children walked and walked until they came to a beautiful meadow. There was such peace and tranquility, that they began to feel different. ...


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Story & illustrations by BRIGITTE SMITH


Brigitte Smith

Brigitte Smith

Brigitte has illustrated 120 books, along with children’s films, posters, catalogues, and logos. She has worked in Switzerland, Italy, Canada, USA, India, and her native Germany. She was married until her husband passed away, and they have ... Read More