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DAAJI shares two simple practices to remove heaviness from your system, become light and carefree, and reduce your thought footprint in the world.

Dear friends,

How can we live lightly in an ever more complex world? It is important we find answers, as unless we do, we will not reduce our human footprint enough to allow our planet Earth to sustain.

To start somewhere, behind all our pollution in the environment is human thought pollution. And anger and stress are two of the most common emotional patterns and compulsive habits that contribute to thought pollution. It is difficult to find balance, peace, lightness, and contentment when we are undergoing the effects of these emotions.


Anger need not be a negative emotional state, but very often we allow it to destroy peace. It can manifest as strong turbulence in the mind and body, physical dysfunction, an explosion of energy, aggression toward others, and loss of sensitivity and awareness. You will find a lot of wisdom about anger in the book, From Anger to Love.

As a first step, whenever you are angry, take a few minutes to release the turbulence and free yourself from the effects with this simple Heartfulness method:

Guided Ocean of Peace Cleaning

Sit comfortably and close your eyes.

Imagine that you are in a gentle ocean of peace. The waves are soothing and blissful.

Have the firm thought that you are immersed in this ocean of peace, and the waves are removing all your coverings.

Do this for as long as you can, but no more than 30 minutes.


We all experience stress at one level or another. Our lives are a continuous process of facing and solving problems and challenges, and sometimes it can become overwhelming. Prolonged uncontrollable distress can negatively affect our well-being leading to wear and tear on the body. Lack of sleep, digestive problems, mental worry, negative thinking, loss of confidence and depression are all attributed to chronic stress. How to overcome such feelings of helplessness and constant challenge?

Research indicates that the real issue is in how your mind perceives and handles situations. Here is one technique that will help you anchor your mind on the higher plane of freedom. Accessing this space deep within your heart and staying connected with it throughout the day, will help to restore positivity and balance.

Guided Meditation to Reduce Stress and Restore Positivity

Sit in a relaxed position and gently close your eyes.

Make a subtle thought that the Source of Light in your heart is attracting you from within.

Rest your attention on that Light in your heart.

If you find your awareness drifting to other thoughts, gently come back to the idea of the Source of Light in your heart.

Feel immersed in the Light and try to become absorbed.

Remain absorbed within this deep silence until you feel ready to come out.

When you open your eyes carry on with your daily routine, continuing to stay connected with the heart.

Meditation is much more effective once you have been introduced to the Heartfulness practices by a certified trainer. You can find and contact a trainer near you at www.heartspots.heartfulness.org.

All the best,



Kamlesh Patel is known to many as Daaji. He is the Heartfulness Guide in a tradition of Yoga meditation that is over 100 years old, overseeing 14,000 certified Heartfulness trainers and many volunteers in over 160 countries. He is an innova... Read More