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Despite all the gadgets, technologies and virtual working styles in most modern offices, it is still relationships that matter most. Here are a few tips from ELIZABETH DENLEY on creating effective working relationships and teams:

Meet face-to- face when possible. Effective teamwork needs the human touch.

Look for everyone’s genius.

Be open and welcome different points of view and styles of working.

Listen. You will learn a lot!

When you speak, let your voice radiate calmness, cooperation and trust, without defensiveness, roughness or aggression.

Be willing to see past your own agenda. Harmony matters more than being right. All situations are opportunities to expand your consciousness.

Be patient. Pause. Be poised. Center yourself when necessary.

Consciously let go of any negative reactions and conflict that arise.

When there are differences of opinion, take up the challenge o f integrating them into a higher synergy. A strong collective vision transcends individual perspectives. The whole is always greater than the parts.

Before sleeping at night, scan the events of your day. How can you do better next time? Resolve not to repeat mistakes and then you will sleep with a light, happy disposition.





Elizabeth Denley

Elizabeth Denley

Elizabeth is the founding editor of Heartfulness Magazine. She is Australian, loves meditating, writing, playing and singing music, gardening, thinking, spending time with her two grown up children, and life in general. She has been a st... Read More