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DAAJI shares a simple way to open your heart and expand awareness of your connection with others and the world.

Dear friends,

You have consciousness, awareness, and free will. So, how can you use these gifts to evolve from being human to humane to divine?

When we are born, we are not aware of differences and similarities; we simply accept. As we grow up, we start to identify and label ourselves and others according to color, culture, religious or spiritual leanings, gender, career, place in our culture and society, mental and physical health, and so on. There are so many labels and categories. We become attached to them and think they are real. As a result, we establish a whole suite of likes for some and dislikes for others, leading to prejudice and separation.

In order to become humane, we need to reverse this construct and move toward a simpler awareness. This goes hand in hand with the expansion of our consciousness. And the result is that we become kinder, more empathetic, affectionate, and compassionate in a natural way. We move from judgment to tolerance, from separation to connection. We allow our small self to become absorbed into the higher Self. My spiritual guide described this advancement as moving “from animal man to human to divine.”

We experience this as a result of meditative practices. The labels drop off. Instead of seeing differences, we begin to feel the divine spark that resides in us and every living being. We become aware that we do not live on our planet as visitors, we are part of it, part of nature. When we see images of the Earth from outer space, we cannot detect the differences that separate us: we see it as a whole, a beautiful blue jewel floating in space. There is no separation.

Meditation takes us deeper into the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious parts of the mind, where we feel and experience the unity of all beings. In addition to the inner practices of Heartfulness, here are two simple exercises that will help you experience connection and unity:

Meditation takes us deeper 
into the conscious, subconscious, 
and superconscious parts of the mind, 
where we feel and experience 
the unity of all beings.



Experiencing connection and unity throughout the day

The Sanskrit word “Namaste” literally means “I bow to you.” This first exercise uses the familiar Namaste greeting to bring inner awareness of connection with others and your environment. It allows love to radiate from your heart in a more conscious way.

You may practice it alone or with others. You may prefer to say the equivalent word/s in your own language, or do the practice in silence. This activity is also a fun and profound group activity for children and/or adults in any workshop or seminar setting.

The idea is to greet others with the word “Namaste” in order to honor and acknowledge the higher Self within them.

Gently place your hands together in a prayerful position over your heart, with your eyes lowered, and your body slightly bowed. Let yourself dive into the higher Self, the pure essence within you. Then, let that essence radiate out to the higher Self of others. They will reciprocate. Now, expand this feeling to include your surroundings: the air particles, the birds, the trees, the flowers, everything around you.

Allow this awareness to continue throughout your daily activities. Take the feeling of connection and unity wherever you go, with all who cross your path, to your city, country, the world.

This simple gesture will open your heart to the pure essence of all beings. Whether practiced silently within your heart, or when you greet others, it will expand your awareness from human to humane to divine.

An extension

If you wish to take it further:

Imagine a person you dislike—perhaps someone who has hurt you—standing in front of you. Have the thought that, “This person is my friend and well-wisher.” 

Allow the feelings of love and empathy you have created in the Namaste exercise to flow into that person as you breathe out. Have the thought that particles of your love and affection are entering their heart. Let the feeling manifest as forgiveness, empathy, and compassion.

When you breathe in, have the thought that you are pulling all the negative thoughts they have about you from their heart and throwing them aside.

I wish you all the best on your onward journey,




Kamlesh Patel is known to many as Daaji. He is the Heartfulness Guide in a tradition of Yoga meditation that is over 100 years old, overseeing 14,000 certified Heartfulness trainers and many volunteers in over 160 countries. He is an inn... Read More